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Dear members of the Korean Electrochemical Society

Welcome to the Korean Electrochemical Society!
I am Kee-Suk Nahm, the 9th President of the Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS). It is a great honor for me to serve as the President of KECS in 2014-2015.

The Korean Electrochemical Society is dedicated to promote academic and technological developments of electrochemical science in both theory and application. The KECS also provides training, education, and many opportunities for researchers and engineers to make significant advancements in the field of electrochemistry-based science and technology.

The KECS was launched as a small group in 1983 and it made a rapid growth to reach the capacity of 3,268 members and 8 divisions and now it is recognized as the leading academic society in both the fundamental and applied researches for industries related with electrochemistry. We have two annual meetings in spring and fall, respectively, with about 1000 attendee each time. I acknowledge all the former executive and committee members for this great expansion and growth in such a short period of time and would like to serve KECS for its continuous progress and growth with profound visions and foundation in the future with special emphasis on the following objectives.

First, I’ll try to make the Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology (JECST), the English-based international journal launched by KECS in 2010, one of the leading academic journals in the field of electrochemistry.

Second, I’ll make every effort to prepare a firm foundation for successful PRIME 2016, as a cosponsor together with JECS (Japan) and ECS (United States), so that we have a more favorable environment for the international scientific activity of domestic researchers during any Electrochemical Society (ECS) meetings even though the PRIME 2016 is not held in my presidency.

Third, I will try to make the KECS to be a comfortable playground to develop and promote friendship between members of the KECS. The various social activities and relations between members with different specialties and generations to exchange their knowledge and experiences will be the driving forces for the continuous prospering and growing of KECS in the future.

Furthermore, I am sure that KECS will play a key role in the 'Creative Economy', which was driven forward by the current governing authorities in Korea. I am convinced that the KECS can offer the best chance for mutual communication and big achievement within the framework of convergence by providing lots of vital ideas and methods.

During my presidency, I will do my best to make the firm groundwork for the KECS become a major leading international academic and industrial society. It requires an active communication and cooperation of all the KECS members and I look forward to having constant supports and participation of all members along with lots of advices as well.

January 1, 2014
Kee-Suk Nahm
The 9th President of the Korean Electrochemical Society
Room1715, 122 Wangsan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 130-070, Korea
Tel: +82-2-568-9392 / Fax: +82-2-568-5931 / Email: kecs98@kecs.or.kr